The data shared on this wiki is the result of two semesters of field work as well as countless hours of independent research. The following students have participated in this research:

Spring 2009Edit

  • Andrei Anghelescu
  • Anna Belew
  • Elizabeth Byrns
  • Kevin Conroy
  • Alice Cororan
  • Nick Danis
  • Katie Franich
  • Catherine O'Connor
  • Eileen Gessner
  • Jennifer Houel
  • Emily Joy
  • Roxanne Ko
  • Rachel Koch
  • Brendan McKenny
  • Jeffery Nagengast
  • Donna Riggle
  • Stephanie Sessa
  • Timothy Tilbe

Spring 2010Edit

  • Andrei Anghelescu
  • Anna Belew
  • Tino Bratbo
  • Nick Danis
  • Katie Franich
  • Maritza Grooms
  • Sophia Hendry
  • Celia Kelly
  • Emily Kowalski
  • Catherine O'Connor
  • Brittany Parker
  • Matthew Png
  • Monica Quimby
  • Abigail Rudnickas
  • Elliot Smith
  • Bryan Turcotte

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